The Association

The Association
ATIA-ISWA ITALIA established December 16, 2009 is the Association that unites Members from the field of waste management and remediation; freelancers, companies, research institutes, and large national associations.

The Association proposes itself as a point of excellence in research, study and dissemination of best practices through its bulletins, conferences, seminars and technical and scientific reports.

Moreover, ATIA-ISWA ITALIA proposes itself as a point of reference for public bodies as a source of technical information in the fields of environmental protection and protection, for the waste management sector, reclamation and related activities.

The Association comes from the will of the members of ATIA (Italian Environmental Technical Association) and of ISWA Italy (International Solid Waste Association) to create a more incisive and influential force, which is proposed as a technical and scientific reference point in Italy.

Among the objectives of the Association there are:

To carry out technical-scientific activities useful for companies, professionals and the academic world through publications and reports prepared by the working groups, through conferences, seminars and technical visits that will be organized in Italy; through participation in the Working Groups of ISWA International.
Make a significant contribution to the work of ISWA International through participation in the Working Groups, the Board of Directors and the Technical Scientific Committee. Participation in the working groups will strengthen the position of the Italian industry and professionals in the ISWA world at the same time.
To grow the Association so that it is increasingly more authoritative also at the Institutions and is a reference for the local authorities in the proposal of optimal and efficient solutions for waste management and, more generally, for the solution of specific environmental problems. In particular, the Association will be responsible for presenting to the main authorities (Ministries, Regions, Provinces, etc.) the technical in-depth analyzes elaborated within our activity in the hope that they can be useful to face and give solutions to some of the many open questions in the sector.
The Association adheres as National Member for Italy to the International Solid Waste Association, currently based in Vienna, Austria promoting and disseminating its activities to Italian associates and interested Italian public